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April 26, 2015
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
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Walk Distance: 3 miles
Registration Time: 9:00 AM
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Chapter: Northeastern New York Division
Phone: (518) 453-0474
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Mike Keane

Member of team name: Liam's Legion

J-E-T-S well at least Liam Wins!
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This year we will be walking as Liam's Legion as part of March for Babies on Sunday, April 27th at the UAlbany Dutch Quad. With this being our 10th year we are hoping for our largest turnout as a team yet. It's a milestone that should be met with a milestone. Over 9 years we've raised around $25,000 that's also why we are hoping to increase our fundraising total to $5,000 this year. We've been fortunate to get a head start with a great comedy show in October and Kim recently held a Madison handbag party. Those two events have put us close to $1,000 to start. We are hoping to plan a few other events between now and the walk.

Liam's developed a great deal physically over the years but more importantly is the fantastic all-around individual he's become. Liam is a tremendous student that excels in math and science. To watch him create things with his Lego's or backyard inventions you'd swear he's going to be an engineer when he grows up. Over the last year he's performed in his school variety show (see him here, he's become a key member of his bowling team that he hopes maintains their hold on 1st place over these next couple weeks, he was a pivotal part to his schools Odyssey of the Mind team where he developed his leadership and inspired the team with his creativity. He's become a member of the school orchestra where he's learned to play the bass. In the months and year ahead he'll play that bass at for our church congregation with our retiring pastor, he'll take on the role of MC for our variety show where he'll channel his inner Jimmy Fallon and he'll move on to middle school as part of his quest to conquer the world.

How can you help us? There are a few ways. First, is to sign up to raise funds with us and walk on the 27th. Being able to have a large support group increases our opportunity to hit our fundraising goal; it also helps show support for healthy babies and moms. Second, is to make a donation to Liam's Legion and help us reach our goal. Third, share our message with friends and get the word out about Liam's Legion, the more that know the more money we can raise.

Warmest regards,

Mike, Kim, Liam, and Mikayla Keane

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