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Why I walk

As most of you know, this charity is very close to my heart. This is for my son and all the other babies who have great needs and are considered "at risk children" because of their prematurity. On April 29th, Zack, Kevin, Jake, Cassidy and I will be doing our NINTH annual 3 mile walk for the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes is an organization who is dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

In 2007, Zack was born two months early. Was it not for the care that was available to me and the amazing care he received in the NICU for his first month of life he would be struggling with many other issues. As of this year, he is doing amazingly well at the ripe old age of almost 9 1/2. It took half a decade, but Zack can finally eat anything anyone else can and he is just thriving. He has become quite the gymnast!

In 2010, our daughter Corinne was born at 23 weeks. She lived only a short while. If I had been able to hold on a little longer she would have been eligible for surfactant shots which were pioneered by the March of Dimes. We were so grateful to have that available to us even though she wasn't quite strong enough. So many other babies are surviving and thriving thanks to that medication.

2011 brought us our newest (and last!) miracles, Jake and Cassidy. In the 26th week of my pregnancy I was admitted to the hospital where I received those emergent surfactant (steroid) shots in the fear that I would be delivering soon. Thanks to the amazing team at the hospital, weekly progesterone shots (the March of Dimes works VERY hard to make sure these are available to get every high risk pregnancy to 40 weeks!) and a lot of patience (who knew I had any!), Jake and Cassidy made it to almost 37 weeks. Jake came straight to me and Cassidy spent only two days in the NICU!! SUCCESS! Today they are happy, healthy and 5 1/2 year old kindergarteners! I truly feel that I owe our family to the March of Dimes.

I live, I love, I walk to honor Zack and his struggle, to celebrate Jake and Cassidy and to cherish the memory of our sweet Corinne. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for ANY amount you can pledge to us.

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Fundraising goal: $6,050
Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Sponsor messages

Liz Morellato
7 months ago
Sorry it's late, but thanks for all you do for the littles!
Jennifer Ryan
7 months ago
For all the babies, especially so they can all come as far as Zack. Remembering Corinne. (((HUGS)))
Todd Sullivan
7 months ago
Good luck!
Joe Allen
7 months ago
Sorry this is so late.
7 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack!! xoxo
danielle diego
7 months ago
Good Luck team Janet. sending love and support.
Nick Cotrufo
7 months ago
Wish I could afford to do more. May God continue to bless your endeavors and keep you surrounded by love.
Ellen Rose
7 months ago
Ellen Ginsburg
7 months ago
Good luck!
Gwendolyn Roark
7 months ago
For all the ones who can't fight for themselves!!!
Rachel Burkhardt
8 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack!!!!
Vanessa Little
8 months ago
Team Zack Attack forever.
Kathleen Abrahams
8 months ago
I am one of those who love to enjoy family photos and your mom is kind enough to share photos of your family from time to time. You are so blessed. I am happy to add my small contribution to the others.
Anna Novosel
8 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack!
Nicola O'Connell
8 months ago
Happy Birthday Janet!
Michele Nilsen
8 months ago
Birthday donations - a new tradition! <3
Robert Dones
8 months ago
Go Team Zack !
Shannon Bankhead
8 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack, have a great time at the walk and keep up the great work.
Mitzi Madison
8 months ago
Janet, I so admire the work that you do for March of Dimes and the Babies! The efforts that you and your family put forth gives much hope and promise to many families!! Thank you!!! Mitzi
Jessie Roberts
8 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack!
Nicole Aqui
8 months ago
Always happy to support. Have fun on the walk.
Vicky Anderson
8 months ago
Hi doll, I wish I could donate more, but Monkey just cost me over $700. :( Good luckTeam Zack Attack! xoxoxo
Arlene Piddington
8 months ago
Love to you and your beautiful family!
Judith Gedigian
8 months ago
Wishing you a successful campaign. A very worthy cause!
G D Allen Jr
8 months ago
Happy to support the Landrum Family! -Dale
Leticia Alvarez
8 months ago
Go team!
Joyce Yip Green
8 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack!!
Kim Simpson-Gulizio
8 months ago
From Kim and Joe - We love you guys and your beautiful family. xoxoxo
Obi Steinman
8 months ago
Love your heart
Juan Garcia
8 months ago
Hey Janet! Great job!!!
Rodney Griffis
8 months ago
Go Berry!
Shawna Cullinan
8 months ago
Jack and I will be there with you in spirit! Have a great walk!
Jose Juarez Calzada
8 months ago
Keep on Rocking!
9 months ago
Good luck and enjoy the walk!! Love to you and your babies ?? Susan
Marcie Fisher
8 months ago
Happy walking! Love, The Fishers
Fran Block
9 months ago
Hope this helps. Keep up your good work for the babes!
Tiffany Moore
9 months ago
Much love for the Landrum clan! ?
Peter Chouinard
9 months ago
Glad to support my California daughter. Love---Dad C
Tracy Boleware
9 months ago
Love Tracy Koda and Kodi!
Heather Maloney
9 months ago
Would love to be walking with you!!!! Never say never!!!! With love across the ocean The Maloney's x
Karen Rodriguez
9 months ago
I was going to wait so I could make the donation that puts you over your. That way my donation would be the most important :)
Eva Saur
9 months ago
Whitney Klein
9 months ago
Keep up the walking for the babies!
steven muro
9 months ago
Zack is the best. Always makes me smile to see pics of him on fb doing gymnastics, enjoying his potential. Team Zack Attack!
Jon Allen
9 months ago
Love you!
Gina Marrelli
9 months ago
Go team Zack Attack!!! xoxoxo
Ginger Bennett
9 months ago
Go team Zack Attack!!!!
Gregory Earls
9 months ago
Way to get after it, Team Zack Attack!
Cathy Merenda
9 months ago
Go Team Zack go!
Beth Koodish
9 months ago
Go Team Zack!!!!
Amber Norton
10 months ago
Go Team Zack Attack!
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