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Paulina Levine

Why I walk

Our beautiful twin daughters, Chloe Hope and Isabelle Frances, were born premature on May 31, 2006, at just 26 weeks, weighing just over 1 pound each. Josh and I held our breath in the delivery room as they performed an emergency c-section. We were thrilled when the NICU doctors in the delivery room told us both babies were breathing and doing well.

Chloe and Isabelle remained stable and seemed to be thriving in the NICU. Early in the morning of June 1, Chloe and Isabelle had pulmonary hemorrhages at the same exact time--a very twin thing to do--and went into critical condition. Doctors woke us to say our goodbyes to our babies. Chloe, who was slightly smaller than Isabelle, and a bit weaker, could not take the stress on her body. She died in our arms on June 2, two days after her birth.

Isabelle fought for five weeks in the NICU. She was on a respirator, had many blood transfusions, infections, collapsed lungs, and swelling in her brain. Isabelle was so strong and tough but her body was pushed to its limit. She too died in our arms, on July 3, 2006.

In 2007, Josh and I were blessed with another little girl, Olivia Faith and in 2009 with a baby boy, Julian Ilias. Olivia and Julian are our little miracles and we tell them about their sisters all the time. Chloe & Isabelle will forever be their guardian angels. We have been dedicated to supporting the March of Dimes for the past ten years. Our amazing friends and family were there for us during our time in the NICU and we hope you can continue to show your support. This is a very special cause. It is so important to us, and to countless other expectant parents, that all babies be born healthy.

We would be most appreciative for your donations and would also love for you to join our team, 'Team Levine,' on Sunday, April 28, as we walk for a cause that means so very much to us.

Thank you all so much for your support.

With love,

Paulina, Josh, Olivia & Julian


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Your gift matters

By raising funds for March for Babies, you’re building a brighter future for moms and babies everywhere. You’re helping March of Dimes advocate for policies to protect them, support radical improvements to the health care they receive and empower families with programs, knowledge and tools. Every dollar you give today makes a real difference in your community and across the country.

Fundraising goal: $50,000
10 days
left until the event!
Sunday, April 28, 2019
144 Donors | 998 Visitors

Sponsor messages

Shari Berke
2 hours ago
Keep up the great fundraising!!!
Marci Blacker
4 hours ago
Have a great walk. Love you! Marci
Beth Hazan
14 hours ago
You're an inspiration. All our love, Beth & Bogie
Lauren and Scott Anchin
14 hours ago
We are always honored to support Team Levine and we are so proud of everything you do!! Love you!
Jill Tekel
21 hours ago
Let's keep going always. There's strength in numbers. Good luck..The Tekel Family
Schuyler McBrien
22 hours ago
Amazing and Inspirational Go Team Levine!
Jeremy Neuer
1 day ago
No need for the handwritten note. Enjoy your family!
Lisa Masone Kearney
1 day ago
Please see the email note I sent to your work email. xxoo Lisa
Kosuke and Claire Ikeda-Thew
1 day ago
A cause close to our hearts. Julian born at 34 weeks and Bennett at 29. Love what you're doing!!!
Deborah Cole
1 day ago
Our love always and best wishes for a great walk! Debby and Bob
Allison Ostrowsky
1 day ago
Continued best wishes and support on your amazing achievement and impact!
Julie Radin
1 day ago
Go Team Levine! xo
Carrie Schonberg
1 day ago
Wishing you continued success in your support for healthy moms and babies. Sending love always - Carrie, ian, Brock and Joelle
Gail Offerman
1 day ago
Sending my love to your family. You are all amazing Gail Offerman
Julie Greenholtz
1 day ago
You continue to inspire me! xoxo
Ladislav Majkus
1 day ago
Dear Paulina, We are so sorry we cannot make it this year to walk with you. But we will think of you on Sunday! Hope to see you soon! Love, Bara, Lada and boys
Barbara Eisenberg
1 day ago
Paulina, Josh, Olivia and Julian - you guys are so inspiring to everyone who knows "The Levine Team" and we are all grateful for the hard work in fundraising you do and your dedication in keeping Isabelle's and Chloe's memory alive. We love you, Barbara & Mike Eisenberg
Arlene Weinstock
1 day ago
Good Luck. A wonderful tribute to your girls. Love Arlene & Les
Amy Swiger
1 day ago
We are all fighting with you. Good luck to another successful year.
Daniel Trachtenberg
1 day ago
Paulina, good luck with another year of your amazing efforts for this important cause. I hope all is great with you and your family! Best, Danny
Todd Kussin
1 day ago
Good luck with this great cause Team Levine!
Ronnie Berke
1 day ago
Keep up the good work
jill levi
1 day ago
In honor of Chloe and Isabelle. All of our love, The Levi Family
richard ROBERTS
1 day ago
Go Team Levine.......... Dr. Richard Roberts
Jodi Hughes
1 day ago
Love you !!!! Good luck TEAM LEVINE!!!!!!
Kathleen Thomas
1 day ago
eep fighting the good fight. Love, The Thomas Family
Briston Sullivan
1 day ago
Go Team Levine! Inspired by all that you do and wishing you the best for this new year of fundraising. Love, Briston and Phil
Michael Garber
1 day ago
Karen and I wish you great success. And we thank you for your continued efforts.
David Lewis
1 day ago
Go Team Levine!
Myra Rudin
1 day ago
Paulina, What great work you & family continue to do. My very best to your team and hope you exceed your goal! Hope to see you all soon luv, myra
Alli and David Kert
1 day ago
We love you guys and continue to be so inspired by you and all that you do! Excited to walk with Team Levine!
Jennifer Korff
1 day ago
We love you and are honored to support TEAM LEVINE in your never ending quest to support MOD. Xo, Jen, Josiah, Ella and Lila
Liora Schmelkin
1 day ago
Keep up the good work. Love, Liora & Alan
1 day ago
Dear Paulina, I admire your ongoing commitment to this worthy cause. Love, Debbie
Samantha Wallack
1 day ago
We love Team Levine!! Love Sam, Ken, Drew and Jasper
deborah siegler
2 days ago
Congrats on all your fundraising efforts! Always in awe of you guys. xoxo
Allison Scherer
2 days ago
We love you all!💗💗
Alyson Small
2 days ago
Go Team Levine! We will miss the walk this year but support Team Levine always!!! Xo, The Small Family
Nicole Nadboy
2 days ago
Go Team Levine! Wishing you all another great year of fundraising for the cause sorry we can't be there for the walk.
2 days ago
Let’s smash another fundraising record this year for a most worthy cause!
Katie Rovani
2 days ago
I am honored to support Team Levine!
Barry Herman
2 days ago
Much love, sincerely barry herman
Rochelle Siegel
2 days ago
Thank you Paulina and Team Levine for your continued support of the important mission of March of Dimes. Shelly
Lindsay Wenger
2 days ago
Thinking of you! Xo
Randi Goodman
2 days ago
In loving support & memory. Josh it was so nice to run in to your parents and hear you guys are doing so well. Miss you both, always. -xoxo- Randi & Jordan Goodman
2 days ago
You not only talk the talk, you walk the walk! Good luck and sending our love. Cousin Rhonda and Family
carol kraut
2 days ago
Go Levine Team Go - You do such a great fund raising job. We're so proud of the Levine family. Love, Carol Kraut and Milton Merritt
Tina Newman
2 days ago
Dear Paulina, You and your family are always in my heart.
David Ow
2 days ago
Your dedication to this each and every year is amazing. Keep up the good fight. --David
Kim Shyer
2 days ago
The Shyer's are so proud to support the Levine family!
Justin Weiss
2 days ago
Good luck Levine's!!!
Kathy & Hy Kleinman
3 days ago
With our best wishes for another successful campaign this year. Kathy and Hy Kleinman
Jack Michaelian
4 days ago
Paulina, Josh, Olivia and Julian. We look forward to walking with you. Love Robin, Jack and Olivia M
Susan Meeske
4 days ago
Hope you reach your goal. My brother Jack michaelian & the girls walk for you!
Lauren Costley
6 days ago
Go Team Levine! Hope all is well! Wishing you all another great year of fundraising for the cause!
michelle march
7 days ago
happy birthday judd! xo the march's
Halie Kaplan
9 days ago
Happy 40th birthday Judd ❤️❤️ xo, Halie and Ian
Rachel & Charlie Dankner
11 days ago
Happy 40th Judd! Love you guys!
Christina Dovico
11 days ago
Happy 40th Birthday, Judd!! Hoping you have the best year yet!! Xoxo ❤️ Matt and Christina Tesoriero
Stefanie Tramposch
11 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd!!! Love, Stefanie and Jim Tramposch
Amy Ennis
11 days ago
Happy 40th birthday Judd!!! -Amy and Todd
Erica Steinberg
11 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd! Love, Erica & Seth Steinberg
Wendy & Pepper Brill
12 days ago
In honor of Judd’s 40th!!!
12 days ago
Happy 40th stud. Thrilled to celebrate you and support this amazing cause. Xoxo, The Lazar crew
John Laliotis
12 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd Love John & Cindy Laliotis
Jill Halal
12 days ago
Honored to support an amazing cause while celebrating a special friend with a milestone birthday. Jill & ilan Halal
Alyce Panico
12 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd, Wishing you all the best! -Jason & Alyce Panico
Susanne Seripiero
13 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd!! Vito and I are happy to help a great cause!
Ali and Matt Goldstein
13 days ago
Jonathan Jassey
13 days ago
Happy 40th Judd!!! What an amazing gift YOU are giving... XOXO, Suzanne and Jonathan Jassey
Scott & Cara Siegel
13 days ago
Happy 40th Judd!!! So happy to support this cause
Maria Di Stefano
13 days ago
Happy birthday Judd!! We can’t wait to celebrate! 🎉🎈🎊 Love you!
David Goldklang
13 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd!!!
Jordan Eisenberg
13 days ago
I remember the glory days in the lot when we were little kids and you had the doody curls. Somehow the girls loved those things. You have aged well (kinda). Happy 40th Judd. Go Team Levine.
Michelle Rampi
13 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd 🎈🎂😘 wishing you the best 40th birthday. Love you!!!
14 days ago
HAPPY 40TH JUDD -- GO TEAM LEVINE Neal, Tracee, Jordana & Austin
Andrew Pollack
14 days ago
Go Team Levine!! Happy 40th Judd! Love, Kim & Andrew Pollack
Lindsay Gorin
14 days ago
Happy 40th birthday Judd! Keep up the amazing work Team Levine! xo, Jason and Lindsay Gorin
Paul Vudrag
14 days ago
We love you Judd,
Lauren Caspi
14 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd. Honoring you, your mom and this great cause. Wishing you all our best! Lauren & Avi Caspi
Leigh Marcus
14 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd! Go Team Levine!! Love Kim and Leigh Marcus
MIchael Montuori
14 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd from MIke and Stephanie
Beth Mallor
14 days ago
In honor of Judds birthday! Such a great cause. Xoxo Beth and Ross Mallor
Adam Chernoff
14 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd!
Tracey Perles
14 days ago
Happy happy birthday Judd!!! Happy to give to such a great cause. Love Tracey & Brian
George & Luisa Mifsud
15 days ago
Happy 40th Bday Judd. Honored to share in your special day as well as help support a great cause. Best, George & Luisa.
Michael Rogers
16 days ago
Happy 40th Judd! Go team Levine! With Love, Noelle & Michael Rogers Xoxo
Elina Steinberg
17 days ago
Happy Birthday Judd!...what a fantastic cause; we are honored to contribute. Love, Elina & Jordan Steinberg
Tara Abrams
26 days ago
Love you 💜 Simone, Jocelyn, Judd & Tara
Alexis Lamont
2 months ago
Just a New Yorker passing by. Bless you and your family and commitment to bringing awareness to premature babies.
Patrick Lane
8 months ago
Go Team Levine!!
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