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Kara Price

Why We Walk

No baby's newborn pictures should look like the photo above. Each year, we walk in the March for Babies, supporting March of Dimes research so that no other babies’ pictures do.  Please support us in that walk by joining our team as a walker or as a donor by clicking

When we are asked to share our son Truman's story we could begin with the terror and horror of having a baby born so early that his eyes were still fused shut or who, at 20 ounces, was the size and weight of a water bottle. Or tell you about his brain hemorrhages, months spent on a ventilator, heart and bowel surgeries and the struggle for every gram of growth. Then, there was Truman's triumphant homecoming after 120 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. But, unfortunately that is not the end of Truman's story; prematurity affects his life each and every day. Simply put, life is hard each and every day for Truman due to a myriad of learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, a feeding disorder, and growth struggles -- all due to prematurity. A child simply cannot miss the last 4 months of gestation and escape unscathed.

The March of Dimes has become our family's mission and passion so that no other baby will go through what Truman did, nor will any other parents watch their baby struggle this way.

Although Truman was our family's introduction to this undesirable club called prematurity, we also walk this year in honor of our second son, Elliott who born at 28 weeks in 2012. Elliott weighed 3 pounds, 3 ounces and was 16.25 inches long at birth. Like Truman, he was immediately whisked away to the NICU, placed on a ventilator and given surfactant. Prematurity has marked Elliott as well, as he struggles with asthma.

We owe March of Dimes for our children's lives. Both of our sons needed special care in a local NICU which would not have been possible without March of Dimes helping with the regionalization of the NICU system. March of Dimes research led to the development of pulmonary surfactant therapy that Truman and Elliott received to treat respiratory distress syndrome. March of Dimes has helped babies and families like ours for more than 75 years through research, vaccines and breakthroughs.

In 2013, we had the honor of serving as the Dallas Ambassador Family. To watch our Ambassador Video and learn more about our family's study, watch

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Fundraising goal: $7,000
Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Sponsor messages

Edward Daigle
16 days ago
Had forgot to do this! Happy to help you reach your goal. God Bless from your Louisiana Mardi Gras friends!
Allan Jacobs
27 days ago
Best of luck to Team Truman!!
Julia Stoddard
29 days ago
So happy I can support! - Julia K
Jim and Donna Epps
1 month ago
Best of luck in raising money for such an important cause!
Simon Rigden Hodge
1 month ago
I am very happy to support such a worthwhile cause and thanks for sharing your inspiring story!
Ashley Heller
2 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story and good luck with the walk.
John Kacinski
2 months ago
Good Luck on your walk. John Kacinski
Rachel Ingerto
2 months ago
I am sorry you have had to deal with the effects of pre-term birth for both your children, but wonderful you have helped make such a large impact for others by your leadership support.
Joseph Decaminada
30 days ago
Impressive event Kara!
Jennifer Graham
2 months ago
Kara, I’m so proud of your work with the March of Dimes. Much love, Jennifer Irvin Graham
Tujuana Giles
2 months ago
Best of luck to you in your walk!
Beth Diamond
2 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story, and good luck with the fundraising!
Patsy Fulton
2 months ago
Kara - keep doing great things! I was 3 months premature, but I don't really think of it, probably because I was extremely fortunate (particularly since this was a good while ago), and had very few issues. I do have hearing loss, which we thought was due to prematurity, but it turns out it is apparently genetic, as I've passed it along to my kids. In any event, March of Dimes is able to give your sons and all of these babies a chance where they would have had none - due to your efforts. Go, Kara, go! Suzy Fulton
suzanne flodin
2 months ago
Kara - I am so glad I have gotten to know Truman and your family better this year and so glad I drank wine and cried those beautiful tears with you in your living room as I you told Truman's story. Truman is a miracle and you and Ben are amazing parents. I can't wait to hear him play violin!
Mark Doyle
2 months ago
Go Truman!
Paul King
2 months ago
Kara, I read the "Why we walk" this year with the eyes of an expectant father and it certainly hits with a different impact than in previous years. I am so proud of you, your family and all the work you do for an organization whose efforts make REAL differences for the smallest among us (so they can grow to be GREAT). Thank you and God bless all your efforts this year and for years to come! Paul and Meg King
Irma A Cornejo
2 months ago
Truman has been blessed with a beautiful family and strong parents, I am certain he will continue to overcome his challenges with strength and perseverance, Many blessings to all of you!
Lauren Culp
2 months ago
God gives us exactly what we're able to handle in life. Someone who isn't patient, understanding, empathetic, kind, and nurturing wouldn't be able to handle the day-to-day struggles you and many other families face day in and day out. Thank you for the dedication to a cause so near to your heart, and I am happy to support you here. - Lauren
Celeste DaVault
2 months ago
Kara, I also had a premie baby...she's a red head like you. Looking forward to seeing you at RIMS this year. Celeste DaVault, Seattle USI
David Artzerounian
2 months ago
Kara, Best wishes on accomplishing your goal. Great Cause and hope this helps! -DA
Brandy Chambers
2 months ago
Gabrielle Kickham
2 months ago
Team Truman Rocks!
Nichol Bunn
2 months ago
Team Truman all the way!
Paul Brophy
2 months ago
Kara- Incredibly moving story, and such a worthy cause. As a parent of three, I stand with you. God bless. Paul
Sandra Carroll
2 months ago
Kara: Wish I could walk with you in Dallas. Your boys are adorable. Sandra
James Braniff III
2 months ago
A contribution for you family is so easy. The very active prayer wheel at the Braniff house will keep spinning!!!!! Jim
Allison Bernstein
2 months ago
What a courageous family you are. Thank you for donating your time to educate us about these issues and your precious boys.
Seth Brickman
2 months ago
Team Truman for the win!
Stephanie Anderson
2 months ago
Go Team Truman and Elliott!
Katy Andre
2 months ago
Wish I could be there to walk with your family for such a great cause. You are a Super Mom to your boys!
Kerri Winter
5 months ago
Love the Price family. Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance to bring attention to this vital issue.
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