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Why I walk

No baby should be born too soon, too small and or very sick -- just like our son Jake was more than 13 years ago -- or with birth defects or unknown medical problems that cause great hardships or unexpected deaths -- just like what happened to Sawyer more than 9 years ago.  We March for Babies every year because we NEED to change this.  No family should have a baby born at 26 weeks, like Jake was, and no family should kiss their child goodnight and never get to kiss them good morning the next day like what happened with Sawyer.  We need your help.

Please support our fundraising efforts. Every $ makes a difference, and every $1 = $2 due to a generous match by Northside Hospital. The March of Dimes uses the funds on key research, education and outreach programs. But we need your support. Nothing is more important than having healthy babies.  Making a secure donation is easy: just click the 'donate now' button on this page. Thank you for helping us give all babies a healthy start!  And thank you for helping us honor and remember Jake and Sawyer's far-too-short lives.

Your gift matters

By raising funds for March for Babies, you’re building a brighter future for moms and babies everywhere. You’re helping March of Dimes advocate for policies to protect them, support radical improvements to the health care they receive and empower families with programs, knowledge and tools. Every dollar you give today makes a real difference in your community and across the country.

Fundraising goal: $30,014
Saturday, April 27, 2019
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Sponsor messages

8 months ago
We are always thinking about you guys.
Jeremy Berry
8 months ago
Thinking of y'all. Thanks for your tireless advocacy and efforts.
Thomas Reilly
8 months ago
Be well and peace to you and the family
thomas kleine
8 months ago
Thank you for what you are doing!
Michael Berry
8 months ago
Lanie and Evan, your strength inspires us! Randi and Mike
milton carlton
7 months ago
Evan, thanks for what you do. mac carlton
Lawrence Gardner
8 months ago
Evan, hope you are well. I still have great memories of working with you at Cousins.
Kristina Klein
8 months ago
Thanks for all you that you do to support moms and babies. Wish you all the best! Jeff, Kristie and Noelle
John Dalton
5 months ago
Evan My check will come direct from my Schwab Charitable account. I guess itgoes to March of Dimes direct. I understand you have been in contact with my son Brian at JH, and I hope you can be treated soon. Everyone at ALAS misses you. Jack
Deb Perlstein
8 months ago
With love for you all!
Alexis Simpson
8 months ago
Great cause. Thanks for raising awareness.
Puja Lea
8 months ago
Thinking of you and your family -- Puja + Brian Lea
Caitlin Whitehurst
8 months ago
Wishing you and your family all the best, Evan!
Stacy Hyken
8 months ago
Evan- I hope you are doing okay. Thinking of you. Happy Passover! -Stacy Hyken
Lori Spett
8 months ago
Miss you all! ❤️
Burton Taylor
8 months ago
No goodbyes, forever in our hearts--Nanny and Pop
Jennifer Zanieski
8 months ago
In memory of Jake and Sawyer. They will never be forgotten.
Susan Brendel
9 months ago
Happy to help you guys reach your goal this year! Looking forward to walking with you one day!!
Teri Robins
9 months ago
I am sorry you can't walk this year. Praying for you to be able to do it next year and every year until there is no need for such a walk.
Cynthia Patten
9 months ago
We won't be in town this year. I'll be sad not to walk as I've planned to make this any annual tradition. Happy to support you all, and praying for you, Lanie, and the kids.
Kathy Reid
9 months ago
Thinking of you all! The Reids
Terrilyn Price
9 months ago
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the March of Dimes.
Charles Palmer
9 months ago
Evan, All of us here at Troutman Sanders look forward to your return. Hope your family is doing well. Chuck
Philip Mekelburg
9 months ago
What a great cause! With love, The Mekelburg's
Maureen Callahan
9 months ago
Love and support to you from Moe
Meredith Ragains
9 months ago
Love to you, Lanie, and the twins! We think of you every day. Meredith & Dara
Malloy Peterson
9 months ago
Thinking of you and your family!
Ben Deutsch
9 months ago
You continue to inspire us Evan!
Suzanne Sturdivant
9 months ago
Evan, thinking of you and your family, as always. All the best.
stephen inskeep
9 months ago
Evan, Thanks to you and Lanie for doing this again this year. Leslie and I are thinking of you. Best, Steve
Chris Browning
9 months ago
Thanks for bringing this fundraiser to my attention. Glad to help.
Courtney Thornton
9 months ago
Thank you for the opportunity to give to such a worthwhile cause - wishing you all the best in reaching your goal. Saying prayers for health and peace for you and your family.
Jose A. De La Cruz
9 months ago
Accompanying you spiritually on your journey. José A. De La Cruz
Mark Bridwell
9 months ago
Best of luck hitting your goal.
Jennifer Johnson
9 months ago
Love, Jen & Ben
Lisa Moore
9 months ago
Thinking of you guys, today and every day.
Lisa Simon
9 months ago
I think of you and your family every day. My heart is with you, Lanie, and all your children.
Jerry Engel
9 months ago
Hello Evan - You the man! I hope all is well with you and yours.
Janice Hartman
9 months ago
Thank you for all you do
Fran and Larry Braterman
9 months ago
We will never forget the babies you lost. Lanie and you are always in our hearts and think of all the heartache you continue to go through
Lynda Levinson
9 months ago
Love to you all!
Amy Johnson
9 months ago
I love that you guys do this. You are two of the best people I know. With lots of love, Amy
Lane Lenzi
9 months ago
Walking with you in spirit old friend. Proud to support you.
Julie Curson
9 months ago
With love and hugs.
Kristen Fancher
9 months ago
Thinking of you and praying for you.
Catherine Ruberti
9 months ago
Thinking of you guys!
Debra Meltzer Benish
9 months ago
I will always stand with you, my friend!!!
Susan Banner
9 months ago
You and your family remain in our prayers & thoughts.. glad you all are together
Karen and Mark Winarsky
9 months ago
Our thoughts are with you and your family!
Marsha Gilbert
9 months ago
Thoughts with you.
Stephen Riddell
9 months ago
Great work fundraising!!
Ken Manford
10 months ago
The Manford-Roach family loves and supports you guys!!!
James Graves
10 months ago
Happy to support this important cause and this awesome family.
Jeff Hopkins
10 months ago
So proud of you guys - the hopkins family
Hillary Levy
10 months ago
We love the Taylor - Pontz family.
Maryanne O'Connor
9 months ago
Missing all of you and sending lots of love!
Charlie Hawkins
10 months ago
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Charlie and Lauren.
Terri Hendley
10 months ago
Go Team!
Ben Garren
10 months ago
Evan: Praying for your successful transplant and quick recovery. Regards, Ben
Lisa Petrovich
10 months ago
We are honored to support his wonderful cause. Thank you! Love, Petrovich Family xoxo
Jaime Theriot
10 months ago
Love to you all!!
T Wood Lovell Jr
10 months ago
We're thinking of you and rooting for you, Evan, as you await your transplant. This is also a great cause that you champion every year. - Wood Lovell
Kristina Sung Kepner
10 months ago
Thanks for all you do for this wonderful organization.
Jane Buckler
10 months ago
We are “rooting”for all of you and hope you have good news soon. Love, Bobby and Jane
Whitney McGuire
10 months ago
Thank you for all that you do and are doing.
Glen Grizzle
10 months ago
Thanks for doing this!
Traci Safer
10 months ago
Always thinking of y’all. Wish I could give more.
Shawn Rafferty
10 months ago
All the best to the Pontz family as you continue this important mission! Shawn & Vicki Rafferty
Tracy Jones
10 months ago
Sending our support and best wishes to you, Evan, and the rest of your family.
Jonathan Schanzer
10 months ago
Keep up the fight!
Andrea Rimer
10 months ago
We all miss you, and are thinking about you! So glad you're doing this again this year, and hope you reach your goal!
Phillip & Diedre Clayton
10 months ago
Diedre and I are sorry to hear about your medical problems. We pray that your transplant surgery has gone well and that you will fully recover without complications. Phillip Clayton
Richard Gerakitis
10 months ago
Lifting up all of the Pontz family! Walking with you always.
Adam Bassing
10 months ago
Good luck!
Rainey and Ben Woodward
10 months ago
We are thinking of you - love to you all
Robert Angle
10 months ago
Thoughts and prayers with you!
Steven Hewitson
10 months ago
Thinking of you, Evan!
Sean Young
10 months ago
We're ready to fight with you!!!
Emil Schifter
10 months ago
Happy to support you in fighting for this great cause, Evan!
Wendy Sugg
10 months ago
Keep fighting!
Allyson Hage
10 months ago
Love to the Pontz family.
michael hobbs
10 months ago
Love you Evan! Appreciate your leadership for this important cause.
Patricia Dietz-Selke
10 months ago
Glad to support this worthy cause and your beautiful family.
Justin Hanover
10 months ago
Well done as always, guys! Justin
Arturo Corso
10 months ago
We love you all!
Andrea Farley
10 months ago
Love supporting this cause and love supporting you and your family!
Jennifer Collins
10 months ago
Wishing you guys the best! Jennifer
Judith Fuller
10 months ago
Evan, we are always happy to support this cause. Sending good thoughts your way too. Judy and Ed Fuller
Elizabeth Chandler
12 months ago
On behalf of Michael Johnson, Rollins, Inc.
Susan Taylor
13 months ago
support and love always
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