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Why I walk

No baby should be born too soon, too small and or very sick -- just like our son Jake was more than 12 years ago -- or with birth defects or unknown medical problems that cause great hardships or unexpected deaths -- just like what happened to Sawyer more than 8 years ago. We March for Babies every year because we NEED to change this. No family should have a baby born at 26 weeks, like Jake was, and no family should kiss their child goodnight and never get to kiss them good morning the next day like what happened with Sawyer. We need your help.

Please come walk with us and support our fundraising efforts. Every $ makes a difference, and every $1 = $2 due to a generous match by Northside Hospital. The March of Dimes uses the funds on key research, education and outreach programs. But we need your support. Nothing is more important than having healthy babies. Making a secure donation is easy: just click the 'donate now' button on this page. Thank you for helping us give all babies a healthy start! And thank you for helping us honor and remember Jake and Sawyer's far-too-short lives.

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Fundraising goal: $27,500
3 days
left until the event!
Saturday, April 28, 2018
167 Donors | 2195 Visitors

Sponsor messages

Robert goldstein
4 hours ago
Bob and Leslie are with you !
Whitney McGuire
15 hours ago
Evan - Thank you for being so dedicated to this very important issue. Whitney
Susan Russell
2 days ago
Wonderful and important work, Evan!
Margaret Ross
2 days ago
Your family is always in my prayers.
Marvella Walker
4 days ago
Forever in my thoughts and prayers. Love
Candice Obrentz
4 days ago
I am inspired by the unwavering dedication of the Pontz family to give a healthy start to all babies to lovingly honor the lives of Jake and Sawyer.
Susan Yermish
5 days ago
Sent with love from, Aunt Susan
Emily Hylton
6 days ago
Evan & Lanie, You are in our thoughts! Emily, Jim & Smith
Alan Poole
6 days ago
Thank you for doing this! -Alan & Courtney Poole
Chris and Kevin Arthur
6 days ago
Thank you for being so passionate about this cause. Wish we could walk with you!
William Droze
6 days ago
Good luck Evan and Lanie!
Deborah Perlstein
7 days ago
With love & support! The Perlsteins
Tamekia Powell
8 days ago
Hi Evan! This is a great cause. Thanks for sharing. Tamekia
Cornelia Levine
9 days ago
Thanks for doing this!
Janice Fischel
9 days ago
a little love from Janice & Bill
Zachary Pontz
10 days ago
Love, Uncle Zach AKA Uncle Wacky
Emily McBurney
10 days ago
I'm hoping to be able to join you this year! xoxo - Emily
Adrian Newman
11 days ago
Evan, right behind you, even from across the pond !
Amy Lemery
11 days ago
Behind you every step of the way! Thanks for doing this for such a worthy cause.
Avril Palmer
11 days ago
Evan, thanks for including me in this worthy cause
Jeff Goldstein
11 days ago
We support you!
justin hanover
11 days ago
Well done as always guys!
Lindsey and Nick Gunderson
11 days ago
Thinking of you and Lanie!
Eden Pontz
11 days ago
We will be walking in spirit with you! Wonderful event for an important cause!
Christy Klarman
11 days ago
We love you !!
Valerie Long
11 days ago
I wish I could be there to walk with you guys!
Jonathan Schanzer
11 days ago
Keep up the fight, EP.
Deborah Baker
11 days ago
Always glad to donate to such a worthy cause. God bless you!
Thomas Kleine
11 days ago
Evan -- thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness.
Bob Goldberg
11 days ago
Congrats on your fundraising efforts! We're always proud to support you all. Love, The Goldberg's
Tracy Jones
19 days ago
With Support and Encouragement to keep walking! - Tracy and Tony Jones
Jarrett Braterman
19 days ago
Thinking of you all and wish I could be there to walk with you.
Mark Bridwell
19 days ago
I hope you make your goal Evan.
Howard Yermish
20 days ago
With much love for my cousin. - H
21 days ago
Thinking of you all Evan, and sending lots of love. -Amy
Kristina Sung Kepner
23 days ago
Such a great cause and for your worthy memories!
Terri Hendley
24 days ago
Keep walking!
Patricia Dietz-Selke
25 days ago
Thanks for all your efforts for this very worthwhile cause/organization, Evan!
J Scott Jordan
27 days ago
Thanks for your commitment to this worthwhile cause.
Kim Perks
27 days ago
Love to the family and thank you for doing this!
Jerome Engel
27 days ago
Hey Evan - You rock...keep up this good work.
Kay Alexander
27 days ago
Wish we could be there to walk with you. The Alexanders love the Pontz family!
Jennifer Levy
27 days ago
Thank you for including me in your work for this amazing cause!
Julie Curson
28 days ago
With love, inspiration and kudos for the amazing job you do.
Richard Gerakitis
28 days ago
Every time...we'll be there.
Shannon Klinger
28 days ago
Thinking of you guys ... :-)
Jan Bode
28 days ago
So proud of you guys! Bode Family...
Jamie Kaye
29 days ago
I think of you often and wish you lots of love on this year’s walk.
Brett Braterman
29 days ago
We are thinking of you both and wish we could be there to walk with you. Love Brett and Sam
Cynthia Hopkins
30 days ago
With lots of love to the Pontz family
James Graves
2 months ago
Happy to support this great cause. With love from Stacey and Jamie.
Adam Bassing
2 months ago
Praying for y'all. Best of luck reaching your goal!
Anita Picker
2 months ago
Wish I could walk with you and your wonderful. I’ll be there in spirit. Love. Anita
Lynda Levinson
2 months ago
Lots of love to you all!
Abby Pete
2 months ago
You walk for a great cause and our hearts, if not our bodies, are with you.
Brad Levenberg
2 months ago
Thank you for the opportunity to support you on this journey...
alvaro arauz
2 months ago
sending you all peace & love
2 months ago
love to you all and children and parents! Lauren
Marisa Irvine
2 months ago
Sending hugs and love! The Irvine Family xxoxx
Bennett Picker
2 months ago
Our love and best wishes! Terry and Ben
Ammar Divan
2 months ago
We are proud to continue to support you and your family with this important cause!
Curtis Pontz
2 months ago
Leslie and I look forward to joining you on April 28. Love. Dad and Leslie
Melanie and Jared Pontz
2 months ago
We will be with you in spirit! Sending lots of love... -Melanie and Jared
Rebecca Capizzi
2 months ago
Sending you and your family lots of love💟💟.
Josh Berwitz
2 months ago
Glad to contribute to this cause- josh and allison Berwitz
Cathy and Robert Sinsheimer
2 months ago
We are proud to donate to this worthy cause and are humbled by what you have endured. We love being your neighbors and getting to know your awesome family.
Carroll McGuffey
2 months ago
I'm sorry I can't join you on the walk, but I hope the small contribution helps you all make a difference in the lives of many, many other families.
David Aaron Berger
2 months ago
While I can't walk with you, I will be there in spirit. Thank you for the good work you're doing helping others in spite of your loss.
Marsha Gilbert
2 months ago
Every year during this campaign my thoughts are with you and your beautiful family.
Jamala McFadden
2 months ago
In solidarity with you and your family. ~ Jamala
Ilham Askia
2 months ago
Good luck Evan! Sending Hugs, Illy
Jennifer Greenfield
2 months ago
Happy to support your walk and this very important cause!
Ken Manford
2 months ago
We love you guys!! Ken, Jeffrey and Jackson
Andrea Farley
2 months ago
Go Pontz Family!
Glen Grizzle
2 months ago
Glad to continue supporting you in this great cause!
Shawn Rafferty
2 months ago
Always happy to support such a great cause, led by a great family! Shawn & Vicki Rafferty
Philip Mekelburg
2 months ago
Meks love the Pontz family.
Yukiko & David Picker
5 months ago
Dear Evan & Lanie, This is such a worthy cause. It's great that you're doing so much in Jake and Sayer's honor. Yukiko, Dave, Eli and Owen
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