Why I walk

Every day, babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick -- just like our son Jake was more than 11 years ago -- and with birth defects or unknown medical problems that cause great hardships or unexpected deaths -- just like what happened to Sawyer more than 6 years ago. We're walking in March for Babies again this year because we NEED to change this. No family should have to go through what we dealt with when Jake was born at 26 weeks, and no family should kiss their child goodnight and never get to kiss them good morning the next day like what happened with Sawyer. We need your help.

Please come walk with us and support our fundraising efforts. Every $ makes a difference, and every $1 = $2 due to a generous match by Northside Hospital. The March of Dimes uses the funds on key research, education and outreach programs. But we need your support. Nothing can be more important than having healthy babies. Making a secure donation is easy: just click the 'donate now' button on this page. Thank you for helping us give all babies a healthy start! And thank you for helping us honor and remember Jake and Sawyer's far-too-short lives.

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Fundraising goal: $25,000
Saturday, May 06, 2017
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Sponsor messages

Cindi Patten
15 days ago
Hi Evan & Lanie, My apologies that I am getting this to you almost a week after the walk! I hope it can still be part of your team donation. Looking forward to the next walk. Take care, Cindi
Jerome Engel
17 days ago
Hey Evan - Hope ll is well. Keep up this great work...you rock!
Regine Zuber
19 days ago
sorry for delay - hope it still counts!
Jeremy Berry
20 days ago
Mazel tov for all y'all do for the March.
Amie Colby
20 days ago
Sending support your way!
Suzi LeBlanc Thorp
21 days ago
Sending love your way!
Michael Johnson
21 days ago
Your the best, Pontzes, for supporting this excellent cause. Have a great walk tomorrow! - MJ
Kelcey Folbaum
21 days ago
Love you guys! Xx
Jodie Zerega
22 days ago
Think of you all often. Inspired by Lanie's blog and by your commitment to help others.
Ashley Turner
22 days ago
Ellie and I are excited to walk with y'all on Saturday!
Carol & Dave Shutley
22 days ago
Much love from the Shutley family????
Jose A. De La Cruz
22 days ago
I applaud you for your efforts. Count me in on your team!
Suzanne Sturdivant
22 days ago
Thinking of you and your family, Evan. All the best.
Jennifer Collins
22 days ago
Here's hoping you guys are doing great. Great running into Evan at John Cox's party. - Jennifer
Arturo Corso
22 days ago
Love you guys!
Byron Kirkpatrick
22 days ago
Sorry we can't make the walk. Thomas, Henry, Erin and I will be there in spirit.
Shawn Rafferty
22 days ago
We'll be with Evan, Lanie, Fletcher and Alyssa in spirit as they honor Jake and Sawyer on Saturday! This is a fantastic cause, and we're happy to support Jake's Journey and Sawyer's Strides. With Love and Friendship - Shawn & Vicki Rafferty
Bob Goldberg
22 days ago
The Goldberg family is proud to support you all!! Have fun at the Walk!
Amy Johnson
22 days ago
Thinking of you and all your beautiful children; Jake, Fletcher, Alyssa, and Sawyer. We love you all, and we will be walking with you in spirit.
Jasmine McCall
22 days ago
Happy to support such an awesome cause!
Daphne Biener
23 days ago
Wish I could be with you in person, but I am sending love your way.
Eric Folbaum
24 days ago
Sending you all love and strength! Kelcey and Rick
Joanna Sexter
24 days ago
Amazing fundraising for such an important cause!
Jessica Therivel
24 days ago
Good luck Lanie and Evan!!
Matthew Roberts
24 days ago
Thank you for doing this!
Anita Picker
24 days ago
Have a great walk. Will be thinking of you and your wonderful family.
Alan Lubel
24 days ago
Well done for a great cause Evan.
M Lisanne Crowley
24 days ago
Thanks for doing this important work, Evan!
david constine
24 days ago
Good luck Evan
Meredith Ragains
24 days ago
Unfortunately, Dara and I will be out of town this weekend but we will be thinking of the Pontz family during the walk. We hope to join ya'll next year!
Meredith Moore
24 days ago
Evan, I'm excited to support your efforts with this great cause! Meredith Moore
Jamie Kaye
25 days ago
Happy to support you, Lanie, the kids, and a really special cause. Hugs and love, Jamie (& Jason & Asher)
26 days ago
Better late than never. Thanks for all that you do to advocate for those babies who have such a bumpy start into this world.
Deborah Davis
26 days ago
Proud of you and your efforts with the March of Dimes! Debbie Davis
Tameeka Law Walker
27 days ago
Enjoy the walk tomorrow!!!!
Sara Levinson
28 days ago
For Jake and Sawyer, and your sweet family.
Monica Shorts
28 days ago
I keep saying we're going to surprise you and come and walk...but as you know...we need our feet to do it! LOL! Happy to donate though and I hope you reach your goal...:o)
Kathy Reid
30 days ago
Thinking of your family. Wish we could walk with you! Hugs from all the Reid's Kathy, Chuck, Addie and Henry.
David Mathews
1 month ago
Evan, Good luck with the walk. I know how much this means to you. All the best. Dave
Michael and Randi Berry
1 month ago
Evan and Lanie, thank you for working so hard for this very important cause!
Mike Hobbs
1 month ago
What you are doing is so important. Keep on walking!
Sheldon Snipe
2 months ago
Good luck to the Pontz team on this years Walk!
Justin Hanover
2 months ago
You guys rock. Keep up the great work!
Elizabeth Glass
2 months ago
We'll be with y'all in spirit on May 6th!! Love, The Darden's Delights Crew David, Betsy, Darden & Anna
Scott Jordan
2 months ago
Thanks to you for championing this amazing cause. Sincerely, Scott
Zachary Pontz
2 months ago
Hope this helps!
Keith Hill
2 months ago
Evan, keep up the great work!
Aimee Yermish
2 months ago
Always inspired by your persistence!
Terrilyn Price
2 months ago
Evan, Thanks for all you do!
Nikki Barkley
2 months ago
Hey guys! I was really hoping to walk with you guys this year but I'm gonna be in New York so here's my donation for our beloved Jake and Sawyer! Love you!
2 months ago
We wish could walk this year, but we will be out of town. Best, The Schwedlers
Adam Bassing
2 months ago
So happy to support y'all in this great cause!
Kelly Schiffer
2 months ago
We love you XOXOXO
Courtney Smith
2 months ago
Wish I could do the walk also but will be out of town, next year! Prayers for you family and all the others going through such difficult times.
2 months ago
Keep up the good walk and good work!
2 months ago
David and Cynthia Barr
AaronThx Dichter
2 months ago
Thx for your committment
Karen Sandrik
2 months ago
Thank you for continuing to fight for a better future for all children and families.
Eden Pontz
2 months ago
We will look forward to hearing about this successful event! May your hard work and support make a big difference to an important group!
Ross Bergethon
2 months ago
Thanks for your work with this, Evan--it's an issue that hits close to home for so many of us. All the best to you and your family.
Judy McCool
2 months ago
Thinking of you and supporting you from NYC.
2 months ago
This donation comes from the heart in memory of the loving children you have lost
Jay Bauman
2 months ago
Happy to contribute to such a worthy cause. Best of luck with the walk.
Cynthia Hopkins
2 months ago
Thinking of you all
John Burgess
3 months ago
Great cause brother Pontz - as Beth and I know as well! Peace
Lynda Levinson
3 months ago
Lots of love to you!
Lindsey Pete
3 months ago
We'll be thinking of you on May 6, sorry we can't make it.
Terri Hendley
3 months ago
Thank you for all your hard work!
Marsha Gilbert
2 months ago
honored to support your efforts.
Marisa Irvine
2 months ago
Much love from the Irvine family!
Evan Pontz
3 months ago
Twins' Lemonade Stand donation!
Lisa Petrovich
3 months ago
love u all. xo
Kay Alexander
3 months ago
We are sad to not be able to walk with you this year!
Malloy Peterson
3 months ago
In honor of the Pontz family.
Belisa Urbina
3 months ago
Blessing to you and your family. Thanks for leading this important effort.
T Wood Lovell Jr
3 months ago
This is a great cause. Thank you for leading this. - Wood and Sara Lovell
Jarrett Braterman
3 months ago
Happy to support a great cause. Always thinking of you all.
Catherine Ruberti
3 months ago
Sending you our heartfelt support! The Ruberti Family
Samantha Kavanaugh
3 months ago
For the Pontz family. ?
Margaret Gheen
3 months ago
From MS/HS classmate of L's. In honor of your family.
Bill Byrd
3 months ago
Evan, I am so proud of you walking and staying with this very worth while cause. I am sorry that I will not be able to walk, but wanted to at least donate to your team. Enjoy the walk and hope it is a beautiful day. Bill
Judith Fuller
3 months ago
Evan, I can't walk myself yet, but I'll be with you in spirit.
Richard Gerakitis
3 months ago
Always standing with you. Walking...most of the time.
stuart goldberg
3 months ago
Thinking of you. Wish we could be in beautiful Atlanta walking with you.
Leslie and Curt Pontz
3 months ago
We look forward to joining you.Love, Dad and Leslie
Steven Hewitson
3 months ago
Have a great walk!
James Graves
3 months ago
Happy to support this great cause.
Patricia Dietz-Selke
3 months ago
Happy to support a great cause and a great family!
Tracy & Tony Jones
3 months ago
Supporting you in honoring the memories of Jake and Sawyer and in recognition of Fletcher & Alyssa. The March of Dimes' is a great organization!
Brett Braterman
3 months ago
We are thinking of you guys always!!! Would love to be there but unfortunately unable to make it. We love you guys and hope to see you soon. Love, Brett, Sam, Scott and Tyler
Melanie Pontz
3 months ago
Sending lots of love to you guys... wish we could walk this year but we will be there in spirit!
stephen inskeep
3 months ago
Evan: Best wishes to you and your family! The Inskeeps
Glen Grizzle
3 months ago
With you again....thanks for doing this every year!
Stephen Riddell
3 months ago
Good luck in your fundraising efforts for this great cause!!
Tanya Tate
3 months ago
Good luck with your walk and your fundraising efforts. Such a wonderful cause! Tanya
Robert Brainin
3 months ago
Thank you for walking to make a difference!
Kristina Klein
3 months ago
To Evan and Lanie: In honor of the memories of Jake and Sawyer and in recognition of your twins, Fletcher and Alyssa. All best, Kristie and Jeff.
3 months ago
So happy to be able to support your work for this excellent cause!
Susan Taylor
5 months ago
Memories do help a little
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