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Join the movement to create positive change and impact the issues affecting moms and babies today so that every family gets the best possible start.

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Take these three steps to make America a more equitable place and improve the health of every mom and baby:


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Lead by example. People are more likely to donate to you if you made a donation first.

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Update your personal story.

Share why you participate in March for Babies. A personal story with a photo or video will show others your conviction and prompt them to join, spread the word and support our cause.

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Use the March for Babies mobile app to make fundraising easier.

Simply search for "March for Babies" in the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download and you're on your way!

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Have fun while you fundraise

Even when we're apart, we can come together to do good. Here are a few ways to take your fundraising virtual and still be part of something big.

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Have a game night virtually or in person and charge an "entrance" fee. $10 can shower a mom in need with essential baby items.

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Video game

Create your own league and ask for a small donation to enter. $25 supports research to solve unmet needs and gaps in maternal and infant health.

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with me

Host a virtual workout and invite friends and family to donate and participate. $75 helps fund the virtualization of our critical programs to protect moms and babies.

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A mother of a

Select 3 hairstyles and have friends and family vote for the winner through their donations. $100 supports newborn screening for a baby in a hospital.

You're marching in good company

  • Teams

    Simon Akhamie

    Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
    I March because as a premature baby myself, I understand the concerns that a family has to endure when the joy of having a baby turns out to be complicated by having the baby a bit earlier than planned.
  • Teams

    Maria Brous

    Director of Media & Community Relations, Publix
    Together with our more than 200,000 associates, we are proud to work alongside of the March of Dimes to give every mom and baby a healthy start. For more than 25 years we have asked our customers and associates to give a donation at checkout to help support the tiniest babies who need our help, and time and time again, they have given so generously. March for Babies is Publix’s largest-grossing customer facing campaign, and has the highest associate engagement with thousands participating at March for Babies celebrations in their local communities.
  • Teams

    Bertrand Bonnick

    As a ten-year-old I spent a year and a half with my aunt’s family and her newborn slightly less than two pounds child. My education in love, caring, and responsibility was about to begin. My Aunt pinned her to a pillow and placed her into a half-open drawer, because if you fell asleep with her on the bed you may roll over and crush her. During that time, I saw love as the family did everything they could, to give this child a chance to live. I learned caring as I helped to clean and watch that child when her parents were otherwise occupied. I learned responsibility as I knew that any careless action on my part could mean the end of that child’s life on earth. I came full circle when this child is a grown woman, in business for herself. I march for babies because I care. I care about educating family about health and nutrition. I care about communities that have a disproportionate amount of babies dying before they are born. I care, because I care to love.
  • Teams

    M. Bonnie Pugh

    Mission mom, pediatrician, former board member and committee member as well as 13 year MFB team captain
    I have participated in March for Babies since 2007, when my second son was born 15 weeks early. The mission of the March of Dimes resonates deeply with me as a mother and a pediatrician. The life-saving research that is done to help save babies and the support offered to families through education is one of the reasons I continue to volunteer and participate year after year. There is nothing more important than investing in our children - they are the future. I believe in giving every baby a healthy start!
  • Teams

    Ashlee Woodson

    Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc.
    I enjoy working with the March of Dimes in my role because of the life changing work they do for moms and babies all across the country and the passion I feel from the March of Dimes staff keeps me motivated in helping drive their mission.
  • Teams

    Curtis Walker

    Central Ohio Market Board Member, Alpha Phi Alpha MFB Team Captain
    I March for Babies because March of Dimes develops lifesaving research and evidence-based prenatal and ongoing care that affects all births and helps all babies thrive. I want to reduce the disparity in maternal and birth outcomes between black families and all other families and make quality care accessible and equitable. We have two sons and we were touched by the MOD Mission through prenatal care and guidelines that helped make our birthing outcomes possible.
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    Toya S. Jacobs

    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
    I March for babies because I was born three months premature in 1974. I had a tough entrance into this world but because of the care and support I received, I am a thriving healthy adult. I March because all babies and families deserve to have healthcare teams that are knowledgeable in all aspects of maternal and infant care.
  • Teams

    Amy Casseri

    Vice President, Women’s and Children’s Services, HCA
    HCA Healthcare is excited to continue its national partnership with the March of Dimes, fighting for the health of all moms and babies. In 2019, more than 70 HCA Healthcare hospitals participated in March for Babies walks, contributing more than $1M through sponsorship and employee fundraising. Our shared mission is expanding this year in an effort to reduce maternal mortality rates nationwide. We look forward to continuing the momentum and are eager to see all we can accomplish together.