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  • Team Brady and Taylor

    Team Brady and Taylor

    Team Captain
    We made a promise to our babies on June 12, 2012 that we would take strides everyday to raise awareness and give all babies a fighting chance! Our Journey began in November of 2011, when we were elated to find out we would be having twins!! As a practicing midwife I knew the risk, but was excited to navigate this journey!! The first 26 weeks was amazing, but suddenly things changed! Preterm 26 weeks gestation, with interventions including magnesium sulfate, procardia, Motrin, and hospital bed rest. And, then of course betamethasone for fetal lung maturity that helped us to be able to hold off labor for 2 more weeks!!! 28 weeks gestation- it was a normal morning on June 12,2012 as the babies looked great and I felt great. I had a few visitors and prayed for one more day!!!! It was scary and it was fast!! Suddenly, I was in active labor with ruptured membranes resulted in delivery of Baby A, Brady Wiles weighing 2 lb 14 oz and Baby B, Taylor Reese weighing 2 lb 5 oz!! We received a grim prognosis on Taylor and prepared for the worse, but Brady was kicking and screaming!!!! Boy did things change, before we knew it Taylor was our little cheerleader, Tiny But Mighty!!!! Brady hit every road bump imaginable in a NICU stay! Taylor was discharged home at 36 weeks gestation weighing a little over 4lbs and unfortunately Brady passed away secondary to a bilateral Grade 4 Brain Bleed at 74 days old!!! We miss him everyday, but we rejoice over the fight these babies put forth and over our NICU Miracle- NICU Grad Taylor!!!! Team Brady and Taylor are moving mountains and our fight will continue!!!!!
  • Kim Fisher

    Kim Fisher

    Member of Jack and Jill
    former ambassador mom for Atlanta MFB and is a current market board member
    It is extremely important to support the March of Dimes! The primary focus of the MOD organization is to spread awareness and provide research for a possible cure. It is the only national organization solely focused on the wellbeing of babies. It gives families hope! With Mackenzie born at 26 1/2 weeks with the lowest apgar scores imaginable, it was a uphill battle for my family. As a new mom, it scary and very overwhelming. The what ifs suddenly set in! What if she doesn't make it, what if she is developmentally delayed and what if God doesn't hear my prayers. Well God heard my prayers and my daughter is thriving although she is developmentally delayed. I am grateful that she is thriving! She is a spelling bee champion, an active participant in Special Olympics, and is pursuing a career as an artist/veterinarian assistant. I will continue to be a champion and serve as an advocate until we find a cure to end premature birth. Giving a mom readily available information is the best gift she can receive as she journeys through the NICU.
  • Connie D. Mayo

    Connie D. Mayo

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
    I walk for my son Toby Mayo Jr., and daughter Catrise Mayo. After experiencing 6 miscarriages, I was pregnant with my son and made it to the 2nd trimester. Unfortunately, I lost my son at 18 weeks he was stillborn on January 26, 2015, but God had a plan for me. A few months later, I was expecting again. I went through a number of health crises and situations and spent 2 months in the hospital this time. My daughter was born at 23 weeks weighing 1pd 1 oz. She experienced several health challenges during her 117 days NICU stay. I am so thankful for the research and breakthroughs that helped my baby make it.
  • Sachi Hamai

    Sachi A. Hamai

    Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles County, 2020 Los Angeles March for Babies Chair
    What I found most rewarding about this campaign is that we are being supportive of our communities and raising money to ensure that both moms and babies are healthy and strong.