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Akron - Canton

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Our goal: $180,000
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200 S Main St , Akron, OH 44308
Date: Saturday, May 06, 2017 10:00 AM
Date: Saturday, May 06, 2017
Registration: 8:30AM  |  Start: 10:00 AM
Walk distance: 3 miles
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200 S Main St
Akron, OH 44308
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We're getting ready to walk in March for Babies! It promises to be a fun day out with people who share our passion for improving the health of babies. There'll be family teams, company teams and people walking with friends - it's a great feeling knowing we're all helping real families. Join our event and walk with us to raise money for babies right here in our community!
Thank you to everyone that helped make Akron/Canton's 2017 March for Babies a success. It was a cold, rainy and windy day but that didn't stop us from doing our best to make sure every baby has a fighting chance. The deadline for participants to fundraise and qualify for incentives is Friday, June 30, 2017. Redemption codes will be sent via email and may be redeemed until Friday, July 14, 2017. Prizes are awarded one per person at or below the qualifying level.

Event progress* *(As of Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017)

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Alpha Phi Alpha - Akron
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Sadie's Ladies & Gentlemen
Team Emry
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Thomas Tatum
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Lori Feist
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Our ambassador


2017 Akron Canton Ambassador Eron Moore

On January 6 of 2012, my water unexpectedly broke. I was only 24 weeks pregnant with our first child. I was rushed to Akron General Hospital. First they had to confirm that my water had broken. I was then put on monitors to watch my contractions. Everything became a whirlwind of chaos. My husband and mother called family to notify them. I had doctors and nurses explaining to me that I was going to receive steroid shots to help boost my son’s lungs. I also had to receive a large amount of magnesium to stop my labor. The first day was such a blur; my new residence became a hospital bed. I was able to hold off giving birth till I was 27 weeks. In the early hours of January 26th, I called for nurses’ assistance. When I removed my blanket I was covered in blood. My nurse did what she could to calm me and then called for the doctors. No matter what happened I was going to be delivering my son 3 months early. After 21 hours of unprogressed labor, I was taken into an emergency C-section. When he was born he let out one small tiny cry, and we watched as they rushed into the other room where we would later learn they had to resuscitate him. After what seemed like forever, they brought him into recovery for us to see him before transporting him to Akron Children’s NICU. He was so tiny and had transparent skin. They had him in a bag to keep his body temperature normal. He was born 2 pounds, 5 ounces and 13.5 inches long. The next day I anxiously waited to be able to see him and my husband, who went with Eron to the NICU. The NICU doctor came to talk to me. He explained that he was doing so amazing for his gestation that he was fighting the ventilator. He explained he wanted to put him on a CPAP that would just remind him to breathe if he forgot. When I did finally get to go see him, I felt helpless. I didn’t feel like what a new mother should feel like. We could only hold his hand because of IVs that he had in his belly button. It would be over 4 days before I could finally hold my son for the first time, but that happiness would be short lived. When he was 2 weeks old, I received a phone call from his doctor that he had an infection. As a precaution, they started him on antibiotics before the blood results came back and intubated him again. She explained that she thought it best we get in there as soon as possible. By 6 a.m. the next morning, it was confirmed he had Necrotizing Enterolitis (NEC) and had taken a turn for the worse. He was rushed into emergency surgery. After what seemed like forever, the surgeon came out and told us it was the worst place for us to be. He removed 130 inches of his small intestine and the rest of his intestine he could see was covered in infection. He told us he started to lose him on the table, so he put packing in and wanted us to see him for whatever time he had left. They felt like all they could do was make him comfortable for us to say our goodbyes. Even with the grim diagnoses, it never stopped the doctors and nurses of the NICU from doing everything in their power. In a matter of a few hours, our 2 pound baby water-ballooned up to 5 pounds. He had 8 IVs in every possible area with up to 4 lines in each of them. By the grace of God every hour his blood counts would rise. HE SURVIVED the night! Two days later they needed to go in and take the packing out of his stomach, place a stoma and also put an internal IV in. The surgeon came out and said everything went smoothly and he took a look at his intestines and everything looked pink and healthy. We were so overjoyed with the miraculous news. A week later they performed a brain scan, and due to the stress and some bleeding that had happened in his brain it caused him to have acute PVL. The side effects could be anywhere from being clumsy to cerebral palsy. He spent a total of 5 months in the NICU with smaller battles, like bottle feeding and receiving a G-TUBE to be able to come home. He ended up taking all bottle feeds by mouth within 2 weeks. His PVL has not caused any major side effects. Today Eron is getting ready to turn 5 and is a fun, energetic, happy boy that overcame more than anyone should ever have to in his short life so far. The only daily reminder of his NICU journey is his "superman scar" across his abdomen. Our miracle baby became one of the strongest heroes that I admire the most.


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