Heather Spohr

Why I walk

We are honored to be the 2016 Los Angeles Ambassador Family!

Mike and I experienced firsthand the nightmare of having a premature baby, a nightmare that sadly continues for many families even after their baby successfully leaves the NICU. After Madeline's premature birth, Mike and I swore we would do what we could to help other families whose babies faced the same battle. Our resolve only grew after Maddie passed away, and we fervently support the March of Dimes - a wonderful organization that gave us much support in our time of need. Mike and I will be walking in memory of our darling Madeline, and walking with us will be her younger siblings, Annabel and James, who both made it much farther in pregnancy in large part to medical advances championed by the March of Dimes. Thank you so much for your support!

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Thank you for walking!
Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Sponsor messages

Tomasa Britt
6 months ago
Great ambassador speech! Thank you for sharing your story, the joy and the sorrows. Both are very important. <3 In Maddie's memory!
Kristina Peters
6 months ago
I make this donation in memory of the beloved Madeline Alice Spohr and her family. Sweet girl, you mattered SO MUCH in this world-- you spread so much joy here while here on earth and now you spread a message that helps save the lives of others. Love to you all & thank you for all you do. XOXO from Kristina in KY
Lauren Bordages
6 months ago
You are an inspiration to so many! Good luck with the walk.
Jenna Christenson
6 months ago
I think of you and Maddie often. My daughter (who was also born premature) and I will be with you in spirit during the walk.
Susie Scuderi
6 months ago
Walking in spirit with you and your family in memory of sweet Maddie.
Lisa Barley
6 months ago
Best wishes for the walk tomorrow. Keep up the good work!
6 months ago
With love. From Coco (and her parents!)
6 months ago
Best of luck on Saturday! I will be thinking of Maddie and your family!
Angie Whitfield
6 months ago
In memory of Maddie, a little girl whom I never met, but who's story has had an enormous impact on the mother I am to my two little girls.
Rory Halperin
6 months ago
Thinking of you all and sending lots of love in memory of your beautiful Maddie. xo
Dawn Rzeznikiewicz
6 months ago
For my girl Heather who I love so much and for little Maddie! xo
Elizabeth Dallenbach
6 months ago
Sending lots of love from Kentucky. I'll be there in spirit. ITB
Stephanie Bezuidenhout
6 months ago
I have followed your story since you were newly pregnant with Annabel. Your family is often in my thoughts. Maddie touched so many lives, and will not be forgotten. <3
Robin Oswold
6 months ago
we'll be thinking of you and Maddie.
Stephanie Morgenstern
6 months ago
Good luck with your fundraising and I will be thinking of you during the walk!
Alejandra Hernandez
6 months ago
For Maddie, so loved.
Tricia Simpson
7 months ago
I've been reading the Sphors are Multiplying for many years. I will always remember beautiful Maddie.
Cheryl Smith
7 months ago
For Maddie! I never tire of you writing about her.
Rachel Lumpkin
7 months ago
Thank you for your blog, thank you for sharing your life with all of us, and thank you for all you do for March of Dimes. Sending you love and support from DC!
Tricia Hullings
7 months ago
We love you guys! I think of Maddie all the time.
Cyrille donlan
7 months ago
Thinking of you!
Emily Taylor
7 months ago
Thank you Heather for all that you do for the March of Dimes, in honor of Maddie. I'm pleased to support you, both with a donation and in spirit.
Barbara DeRousseau
7 months ago
I can't wait to hear your speech honoring your beautiful Madeline. I'm so sorry for the pain your family endures, but know....for sure.....that in sharing your story, others are educated. Thank you for your courage in standing up for the little ones and their families! Hugs to all of you!
Melissa Wilson
7 months ago
Erin Gourley
7 months ago
Walking with you in spirit this year! Thinking of you all and sending lots of love in honor of Maddie!
kathi gold
7 months ago
in honor of Maddie, and with great love and appreciation for all Heather does
Linda Robertson
7 months ago
In memory of beautiful Maddie.
Jessica Driscoll
7 months ago
For Maddie and Rigby. Xoxo
Stephani Stelmach
7 months ago
This donation is in memory of beautiful Madeleine Alice Spohr.
Stephanie Wald
7 months ago
In honor of Maddie & Rigby
Erica Paul
7 months ago
Thinking of you during this difficult time. Maddie's memory lives on.
Mary Catherine French
7 months ago
I'm a new preemie mom and longtime reader. Today my son Kevin, born at 32 weeks on March 8, is 5 pounds. Thank you so much for sharing Maddie's story with us--your older posts about NICU life and bedrest helped me so much when my pregnancy turned high risk. It's an honor to be able to support your team.
Molly Bettie
7 months ago
In loving memory of Maddie and Rigby <3 Virtual hugs and love to you all, this April and always
Jessica Weihe
7 months ago
In honor of sweet Maddie and Rigsby <3 Thinking of you guys.
Lynn Buchanan
9 months ago
Dear Heather. It was a true blessing to know precious Madeline.
Cheryl Johnson
9 months ago
God bless.
Mary Boyd
9 months ago
Maddie had the eyes of an angel while she was on this earth. I can only imagine how brightly they shine now.
Kimberly Wencl
9 months ago
Congratulations Spohr Family! I know your story will touch many hearts!
Jenn Dorr
9 months ago
I have followed your blog for 7 years and it's the first place I go on the internet every morning. Your story is so hard but you are an amazing family.
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