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Why I walk

$10 for 10 years!

Mike and I experienced firsthand the nightmare of having a premature baby, a nightmare that sadly continues for many families even after their baby successfully leaves the NICU. After Madeline's premature birth, Mike and I swore we would do what we could to help other families whose babies faced the same battle. Our resolve only grew after Maddie passed away, and we fervently support the March of Dimes - a wonderful organization that gave us much support in our time of need. Mike and I will be walking in memory of our darling Madeline, and walking with us will be her younger siblings, Annabel and James, who both made it much farther in pregnancy in large part to medical advances championed by the March of Dimes. Thank you so much for your support!

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Fundraising goal: $3,000
2 days
left until the event!
Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Sponsor messages

5 hours ago
For Maddie and screw the unsubscribers!
Carolyn Comiskey
9 hours ago
Thinking of beautiful Maddie.
Kay Skiba
10 hours ago
Thinking of sweet Maddie. Keep marching on!
Kylene Kaelin
19 hours ago
For Heather, Mike, Maddie, Annie & James ??
Jenna Christenson
20 hours ago
Keeping your beautiful family in my thoughts this weekend while you walk for Maddie.
Annalise Munnich
21 hours ago
Your love for your children and the strength and honesty you have about parenting is inspirational
Susie Scuderi
22 hours ago
Sorry to miss walking. I always remember sweet Maddie and your family
Karri Lucas-Tinter
1 day ago
We are with you in spirit! You are amazing people. In loving honor of Maddie.
Laura McDermott
1 day ago
We love you, Spohr family!! ????
Brigid Cianfrani
1 day ago
In honor of Maddie and in support of your efforts every year! (And from a long time reader- a response to anyone who asked you to unsubscribe them!)
Nicole Wherry
1 day ago
Never unsubscribe me. Purple always reminds me of your eldest. Please always know and hold in your heart that she is not forgotten, and you and Mike have inspired me to live in the moment, and not be overly sad or nostalgic as my girls get bigger. It is a continual gift that I am grateful for daily. xoxoxo
Kristin Blank
1 day ago
I first heard about you and your family through the "Is It Worth It?" video and your story has stuck with me.
Michele Vaughn
1 day ago
Thinking of Maddie, and of the whole Spohr family.
Jenn Niederhoffer
2 days ago
Always honored to support you and your efforts in memory of Maddie!
Victoria Woods
2 days ago
Remembering Maddie!
Jessica Castillo
3 days ago
Marching on with you in spirit!
Briana Van Horn
3 days ago
I wish it could be more.
Mary Boyd
4 days ago
Shine, Maddie, shine!
Jennifer Lawson
5 days ago
Always, always in my heart.
Bruce Hughes
5 days ago
Love to you and Mike.
Brooke Taylor Duckworth
6 days ago
Remembering Maddie with you.
Abigail Shupe
6 days ago
Walking with you all in spirit! <3
Deborah Coleman
7 days ago
For Maddie.
Kevin McKeever
7 days ago
keep up the great work in Maddie's name. Cheers - K
Evelyn Morgan
7 days ago
It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. God bless Madeleine. Lots of love to you guys x
Jaime King
7 days ago
Dear Heather- I often think of little Maddie and I love watching Annabel and James grow up. Jackie ADORED her and I take comfort that Jax is up there with her. You're amazing.
Dawn Rzeznikiewicz
7 days ago
All my love to my LA soul sister xoxo
Laura Adler
11 days ago
Will be with you in spirit! xo
15 days ago
For Maddie
Rachael Thrift
17 days ago
You guys are an inspiration! Love reading about your family and cannot believe I have been following for more than 11 years! Blessings to you and yours!
Sara Flaherty
18 days ago
Much love to you and your family!
Molly Bettie
22 days ago
Can't believe it's your 10th year! Thank you for sharing your stories, entertaining & informing & inspiring all of us readers. Much love to you and yours!
Mary Boyd
23 days ago
Keep shining, Maddie!
Patricia hullings
24 days ago
We love you guys
Beverly Fisher
24 days ago
In honor of your sweet Madeline.
24 days ago
For beautiful Maddie. <3
Cara K. McEachen
2 months ago
Hello, Sphors! I've loved reading Heather's blog for years and I love your entire family so much. You've really touched my heart. All the best, Cara K. McEachen
Betsy Beasley
2 months ago
For Maddie
2 months ago
This donation is in honor of beautiful Maddie Spohr.
Erica Paul
2 months ago
One donation to MOD and one to Friends of Maddie, every year, as promised. Your family and blog has taught me so much over the years, thank you.
Kristina Peters
2 months ago
In memory of the wonderful Maddie!!!
Cara K McEachen
2 months ago
To the Sphors, I've been reading Heather's blog for several years now, since Annabel was just a baby. I have no idea how I came across it, but I've fallen in love with your whole family, your friends and everything about you. I even keep an eye out for you when I visit my family in San Diego!! Keep up the amazing work you do! Love from Ann Arbor, Cara K. McEachen
Debra Almgren-Horwitz
2 months ago
Love to the Spohrs.
Kate Cabell
2 months ago
Love you and your family from Indianapolis!
Jennifer Thompson
2 months ago
Such a wonderful cause! So happy to be able to participate in it.
2 months ago
Love that you do this! Our family donates for Maddie and for our strong cousin, 31.5 weeker Wyatt who is about to turn one!! Xoxo
Meggin Juraska
2 months ago
With love for Maddie, now and always.
2 months ago
Love your family!
Heather Flett
2 months ago
Love to you and your beautiful family and all the love Maddie inspires. xo
Jacqueline Abrams
2 months ago
Giving a small token for maddie. From the lady who made them Afghans Jacky
Krystal Linkert
2 months ago
Remembering your sweet girl always. The work you do MoD is inspiring!
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