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Tracy Burman

Why I march

Our Millie is hardly a baby anymore – she’s a 9 year old 3rd Grader who loves school, all things sea and ocean, polar bears and penguins, ultimate frisbee and ballet. But – she would never be where she is today without the research and support from the March of Dimes.

Millie, born at just 26 weeks and 2lbs, is a testament to the impact of the March of Dimes’ funded research and fight to improve the lives of preemies.

Since Millie’s birth, TeamMillie has raised well over $95,000 for the March of Dimes – and those funds have gone to fund important research and also fund important parent-coping programs. Our goal is $10,000 in 2018 to commemmorate our 10th March for Babies - but we need your help!

PS – the March of Dimes has done amazing things to increase the survival rates and quality of life for preemies, but there is much to be done. Very little is known about the causes of prematurity and this is critical to finding ways to prevent it! The March of Dimes supports the necessary research to ensure all babies are born healthy AND does great work in supporting the families for those that are not.

Your gift matters

Funds raised in March for Babies support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And they will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Fundraising goal: $10,000
Saturday, May 05, 2018
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Sponsor messages

pratap mukharji
3 months ago
Sorry, just getting to this. But was able to send you over the top on your goal. BR, Pratap
Kristy Crouse
4 months ago
Sorry we couldn't join in for this big milestone year!
Michael Fredericks
4 months ago
Glad to see you are continuing with this and that Millie has grown up so nicely. -Fred Fredericks
Terrence MacDonald
4 months ago
Pascale, Zoe, Christina and I wish you and lovely Millie a wonderful walk!
Lorrelei Paires
4 months ago
sorry this is late!!!
Cindi Tigges
4 months ago
Way to go Millie! We are proud of you. Keep raising money for this great organization.
Keiko Koizumi
4 months ago
Yay Team Millie! Your Ultimate buddies Seiji and Isa are with you all the way!
Kirk Johnson
4 months ago
Sorry, late on the reply... hope it’s a good one this year
michael and Danielle burman
4 months ago
our lovely Millie is a miracle ...go Millie
Elizabeth Heron & Brian Marsh
4 months ago
Sorry we couldn't walk with you -- too many sports commitments. But hopefully the donation will help! Keep up the good work. Love you guys! Liz, Brian, Katie and Anna
Kathryn Simons
4 months ago
Here's to team Millie! (Foundation will match 3:1)
Jason Copeland
4 months ago
Good luck! Best regards, Jason
Angel Stanton
4 months ago
Go Team Millie! We are so happy for you and proud of your support for the March for Babies!!! Go get 'em! Love, A, W, Piper & Cooper...
Vincent Donohoe
4 months ago
Dear Tracy, I'm most honoured and pleased to support Team Millie and the March of Dimes Foundation for your wonderful daughter Millie who clearly is a very beautiful and cheerful young lady. The most important aspect of life is always family. Lots of love and good wishes to Millie and your family, Vincent
David Karlton
4 months ago
Go Millie!
Adam Doppelt
4 months ago
Go Team Millie!
Alexandra Novakovich
4 months ago
Go Millie! Sending lots of love from SF. Jai, Maya, Sasha & Raj
Erin and Peter Krawiec
4 months ago
So proud of Team Millie! Rock on!
Kate Riley
4 months ago
We're excited to walk with Team Millie! Go Girl!!!
Dana Cristalli
4 months ago
So proud of Millie!
Ann Bolten
4 months ago
Dear Millie - we are so proud to see how much you have accomplished since you were born. You are an inspiration (as are your parents). We wish we could walk with you but we will be there in spirit. Big hugs, Ann, Josh, Gage and Eli Bolten
mandee adler
4 months ago
Sending love from South Florida!!
Thomas Cunningham
4 months ago
Millie and team, Happy to support Millie and feel fortunate to have such a great child in my class!
Rick Broida
4 months ago
Glad to help. :)
Daphne Dufresne
4 months ago
Go Team Millie! So glad to hear how great she is doing. Hope everyone is doing great. Love Daphne
Sarah & Colin Bryar
4 months ago
Congrats on the tenth anniversary of your support for March of Dimes in honor of marvelous Millie!
Aditya and Skyler Joshi
4 months ago
Wow - cannot believe it's 10 years! As always we are so proud to support you in this cause. Aditya and Sky
William Hedges
4 months ago
Keep up the great work Tracy and TeamMillie!!!
michael lapin
4 months ago
March for Millie!
Mark & Carolyn Holtzen
4 months ago
I hope you have a marvelous walk on Saturday!
Evette Gee
4 months ago
Millie you rock!
kathryn bachmann
4 months ago
Tracy, Laurent, & the whole gang - so wonderful that you've kept the same high intensity passion for this important cause through the years. Wish I could walk with you in this journey!
Alison Tintle
4 months ago
They may start small, but with the right help these preemies are mighty amazing. Go Millie!
Bram Duchovnay
4 months ago
we had no idea Millie was a preemie - thanks for sharing!!
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