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At 23 weeks pregnant with our first child, my water broke.  I was hospitalized from 23 weeks until 35 weeks when our son was born.  It was the absolute hardest time in our immediate family's life at the time.  He spent just over a month in the NICU before finally coming home with us.  We are the lucky ones.  Our boy is turning nine this year and this is our 10th March for Babies!

My family is so very lucky to have our sweet miracle boy. Kamran was our first child and born at 35 weeks gestation after an extremely difficult pregnancy.

Two days before Christmas in 2010 I woke at 4 am and realized that my water had broken. I was 23 weeks pregnant and well aware this should not be happening. My husband and I rushed to the hospital where I was immediately admitted to Labor and Delivery. I was given medication to stop labor and was told that we had to transfer to a hospital equipped for a micro preemie. The neonatology staff at both hospitals gave us the statistics for our child’s survival IF he made it two more days in utero and they were pretty unfavorable. The next few days were full of medical interventions in an effort to stop labor and thankfully we beat the odds.

I was on hospitalized bedrest for 3 months! This typically isn’t something to celebrate, but for us every day was a celebration. My husband and I tried to push down the fear that came along with the prematurity we were facing each day, with the hope that each day that passed for us in the hospital meant less time for our baby in the NICU. It is extremely rare for a pregnant woman to remain pregnant but ruptured as long as I was able to considering all of the risks that mother and baby face. Infection, cord compression, low fluid, and labor are just a few.

Kamran was born a late-term preemie at 35 weeks gestation. Because of his low amniotic fluid levels he spent just over a month in the NICU with difficulty breathing and eating as well as high bilirubin levels. I am positive that his month in the NICU was the longest month of our lives and can’t imagine how we would have handled more had he been born early.

Today, Kamran is 8 years old, in kindergarten and an amazing big brother to his sister, Ruby. He has had to work harder in some areas due to his prematurity but is a smart little engineer.

Our second baby, Ruby, was born healthy and full term thanks in part to March of Dimes research that helped us get there.

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With preterm birth rates continuing to rise, the U.S. remains among the most dangerous developed nations for childbirth, especially for women and babies of color.

At March for Babies: A Mother of a Movement you're lifting up communities, creating connections and taking action to make America a more equitable place and ensure that every mom and baby is healthy.

Together, we’re marching to raise funds and awareness to transform the health of all families!


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