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Why I walk

As many of you already know, my sweet baby Gabriel was born "sleeping" on May 8, 2013. He suffered an unbilical cord accident in utero which lead to his death. Our family had already been involved with the March of Dimes for a few years when we lost Gabriel, and to be honest I never felt like it would happen to me. A lot of parents have the same feelings, this is something that happens to other families, never MY family. I wish that was the case. The March of Dimes works every day to prevent pre-mature birth, end infant mortality, and even solve the mysteries behind SIDS and Still Birth. They have already solved a lot of mysteries that help woman all over the world deliver healthy babies everyday! In 2014, while carrying our youngest, Nicholas, I was diagnosed with a pretty big complications. Thanks to the work of the March of Dimes, I was able to get the steriods I needed to develop Nicholas' lungs quicker, so if he needed to be delivered early, he would have better chances of survival. He is now a happy, healthy and thriving 1 1/2 month old. March for Babies is the March of Dimes largest fundraiser of the year, but their work touches all of our lives. Please take a moment and donate to our team, donate for Gabriel, donate for Leah, JJ and Nicholas, or donate for a healthy baby in your life. I have created a few donation amounts that have special meaning to our family, you may choose one of those or donate any amount that works for you. $58- Gabriel was delivered on 5/8 $140- Sara Carried Gabriel for 140 days before she had to say hello and goodbye $300- This year Gabriel would have turned 3 yrs old.

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Sponsor messages

Lauren Mann
1 hour ago
Elisa Garcia
9 days ago
God bless you and your family!
Liberty Swift
10 days ago
Sara, I know a love for a baby is there long before they enter this world and I know your heart as a mom is fierce. Baby Gabriel is so blessed to have his mother always continue his fight for him and for other sweet babies. I love you and I'm always so proud of you??
Anthony Locklear
20 days ago
We love you guys!
Kathy DeLine
21 days ago
Bless all babies that are born angles.
Katie Thompson
21 days ago
Hope this helps you reach your goal! :)
Jodi Szczublewski
21 days ago
Hope this helps to reach your goal :-) Love you Hegarty's!
Dave Weiden
22 days ago
We love The Hegartys. We support this amazing cause with an amazing family.
Jodi Gray
2 months ago
Round 2 donation!!!!!!
Martina Brugnoni
2 months ago
I love you & all your babies!!!
Casey Weldele
2 months ago
Thank you Sara, for all you do for this great cause! ??
Rexene Madl
2 months ago
Getting closer! Good luck.. Love you!
Kristen Johnson
2 months ago
Sara, I don't know if you remember me, but I contacted you after my sister had her precious Harrison at 37 weeks in November of 2014. He was also asleep after having an umbilical cord problem in utero as well. You were so kind to me and gave me such great advice of how to act and what to say to my sister and the rest of our family as we were grieving our loss. I will never forget that and although I can't even truly repay you for what you gave to me, this is just a small way (I wish I could give more) that I can show you and your family some
Jodi Gray
2 months ago
Good luck!
Gina Wells
2 months ago
Come on everyone! We can get Sara there real quick.
Tonya Lunguy
2 months ago
Good luck & many blessings ??
George Privitere
2 months ago
You are a good person, Sara
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