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Pair of Miracles Supports March for Babies

We are walking for Kamari and Kordell who were born at 29 weeks and had low birth weight.  

I was hospitalized for 30 days prior to them being born. Baby A (Kamari) had Absent end diastolic flow (AEDF) which ended up in Reverse end diastolic flow (REDF). This means that Kamari wasnt getting good cord blow flow, which was restricting his ability to grow. On Jan 14th his heart rate kept dropping to rates low enough to raise concern to have a C-section the morning of January 15, 2016.  

Kamari (Baby A) was born at 3:29am at 1lb 14oz and Kordell (Baby B) was born at 3:30am at 2lb 6oz.  Although small, they both came out crying and went directly to NICU.  We are lucky enough to have more steps forward than steps back and they are doing well thanks to the NICU team at Maine Medical Center!  

After almost 9 weeks in the NICU, 62 days, i got to bring Kamari home...leaving Kordell behind.  That was the second hardest day of my life, the first being when I left both of them when I was discharged from the hospital.  Kamari and I travled back and forth everyday to the hospital for the next 2 weeks.  On March 30th, after 74 days in the NICU,  I got to bring my second baby baby home.  My family was complete! 

UPDATE JAN 2017: Kamari & Kordell just turned 1 years old and are doing amazing! Kamari is 29.5 inches long and weighs 19 pounds.  Kordell is 28.5 inches long and weighs 17.5 pounds.  They both love to crawl and climb.  We have have no major medical issues whatsoever.  Recently (11 months) they each got an ear infection which was their first medical issue since leaving the NICU back in March 2016.  THey have weekly visits from OT and PT which have helped a lot and they both have progressed every week! 

My team is walking in March for Babies to get the message out about this terrible problem and you can help. Please make a secure donation to help me reach my goal. Together we can help the March of Dimes fight prematurity so more babies can get the strongest start possible.

UPDATE MARCH 2018: Kamari and Kordell are now 2 years old and are 100% toddler boys!  They are clear form any PT/OT services and have just regular Doctor visits.  They both are very healthy boys!  Kamari loves to sing, build with blocks, read and play sports.  Kordell loves to play with others and make friends.  He loves bubbles and playing with tools. They both can sing the ABC's and count to 10 without any prompting. They are growing extremly fast (Kamari in a 4t and Kordell in a 3t!) 

I will walk this year with my family and friends to support this cause and give faith to others that preemies can strive and succed! 

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