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Most people who meet our family now do not know our “why”- why do we support the March of Dimes?  We are beyond grateful that when you see our bouncing, happy 6 year-olds, you do not know that at one time they were fragile, 2 pound preemies.  You cannot tell the extreme adversity they overcame after being born at 26 weeks back in 2016.  And the long road our family endured to get them home, and then to get them to a healthy place.  The work of the March of Dimes and an amazing team of doctors, nurses, and therapists are why we are where we are today.  Without the lifesaving treatments they received, our children would not be here.  We have also had an incredible support system of friends, family, and the March of Dimes community to help us along the way.  Unfortunately, there are still too many babies being born early and too many families facing the same difficult journey that we did.  And in even more difficult situations, too many families lose their babies.  We support March of Dimes to help give every baby and mom a chance to come home healthy.  This is our “why,” and we hope you will join us. 

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On July 24th, 2016, our twins Charlie and Sophia entered the world, weighing just 2lbs. each.  I was 26 weeks pregnant at the time.  To say that we were scared doesn't even begin to describe the emotions we felt that day.  We did not have time to even process what was going on before I was being rushed to the OR for an emergency C-section.  I had trained to become a pediatrician in the very NICU my babies were being taken to, and I knew the dangers and long uphill battle they faced being born so early.  Sophia ended up staying 3 months working on developing her lungs, feeding, and growing.  She came home to us on October 15th.  Charlie had a much more difficult road and remained on a ventilator for 13 weeks.  He was transferred back and forth between UAB and Children's, trying various treatments to help keep him stable.  He also had a bowel perforation that required drains being placed in his abdomen.  With excellent medical care and God's grace, Charlie's lungs and bowels healed and he came home to us on December 9th.  These little fighters worked for the next year and a half with multiple therapists to catch up on their milestones.  I am now happy to report that we have two healthy 6 1/2-year-old children who are wild, crazy, and an absolute blessing every day. 

The March for Babies gives us the opportunity each year to remember and appreciate the challenges we faced, as well as how the March of Dimes helped us overcome them.  They provided support for us every step of the way, and the critical research and treatments that they have developed absolutely helped save our childrens' lives.  

We continue to be blown away by the amazing work this organization is doing.  Just as the March of Dimes helped develop treatments for polio, neural tube defects, and premature lungs, they are now working to develop treatment options for moms and babies impacted by COVID.  They are also working to ensure all moms receive equitable healthcare, regardless of geography, race, or socioeconomic status.  They have continued to provide family support and hot meals to parents in the NICU.  They are working with our legislators to make working conditions safe for pregnant women, as well as ensuring moms who have given birth maintain healthcare coverage for a full year- a critical window when women can experience post-partum complications.  

We cannot count the blessings that have come from the journey we have experienced with our children.  We are beyond grateful to be where we are today.  But given the choice, we would not have other families go through what ours went through.  Our goal is to do all we can to help more moms and babies come home healthy.  There is still much work to be done.  

If you are financially able to donate to a charity this year, we strongly encourage you to consider supporting the March of Dimes.  We can personally attest to the life-changing work of this organization, and we look forward to continuing to see the positive impact we can have on moms and babies in our state. 

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With preterm birth rates continuing to rise, the U.S. remains among the most dangerous developed nations for childbirth, especially for women and babies of color.

At March for Babies: A Mother of a Movement you're lifting up communities, creating connections and taking action to make America a more equitable place and ensure that every mom and baby is healthy.

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