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People ask us about our team name all the time. What does "Repeat Offenders" mean? It's actually a name given to us by our incredible NICU staff. See, we have not one, but TWO amazing kids - both born significantly prematurely. When we arrived in the NICU for the second time, they told us that we were now considered "Repeat Offenders" for bringing another kid into the unit. It fit us perfectly. We have twice the preemie power!

This is a big year for the Repeat Offenders! This will be our 5th year Marching for Babies in Ventura, CA. To date, we have raised more than $15,000 for March of Dimes. This year, we hope to breach the $20,000 milestone! You can help us by making a secure donation, right here on this page!!! You can also help by sharing this page, and our family's story, with your friends and family.

Almost 6 years ago, our daughter was born 16 weeks early. When she came into this world at just 24 weeks gestation (and only weighing in at 1 and a half pounds!), she was not expected to survive. We endured a long, 83 day journey in our NICU, with lots of ups and downs. In the end, we brought our baby girl home just before her original due date. That victory was due, in large part, to the March of Dimes and the research they've done, the medecine they've developed, and the technology they've created over the last 75 years. She's our miracle, and she is just one amazing example of what MOD, combined with fantasatic medical care, can do for babies like Abigial, and families like ours.

3 years later, our son, Milo, was born, 6 weeks early. He spent 19 days in the same NICU and went through several of the same problems and treatments as his sister. He was a "NICU ALL STAR" and came home almost a month before his original due date. Today, Abigail is 5 years old. She is thriving and such a joy in our lives. Milo is 2. He's HUGE by preemie standards and shows us new skills and talents every day.

We are so blessed to have our complete family home with us and as healthy as can be. We owe so much to the Los Robles NICU staff, and to the March of Dimes. So we say thank you, the only way we know how - by giving back. It was because of families like ours, and generous donors like you, that made bringing our babies home possible. Now it's our turn. We are doing all we can to spread the word about healthy pregnancy, and raising funds for research that translates into lives saved - so that the next generation of preemies can go home, too.

Thank you, from the entire Francis Family, for being a part of this amazing organization. Visit us at to keep updated with our journey. And please consider making a secure donation today. We appreciate your support.

-The Repeat Offenders

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60 West Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Start time: 9:00 AM
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Walk distance: 3 miles

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